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China is divided into three geographical regions:  the mountains to the west, the deserts and desert basins starting in the northwest and spanning to the northeast, and the valleys, floodplains, and coastal plains comprising the eastern region.

relief map of China
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snowy mountains and frozen lake in Tibet The first region — the mountains to the west — include the Plateau of Tibet, the highest region in the world.  The melting snows of the Plateau of Tibet feed rivers such as the Brahmaputra in India, the Salween in Burma and the Mekong, which snakes through Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia before ending in Vietnam.  The Plateau of Tibet has about two million inhabitants, most of whom live in the southern region due to the plateau's unfriendly environment.

Russian Orthodox church, Manchuria, China The second region, extending from the Tarim and Dzungarian Basins to Northern Manchuria, comprises the type of arid desert environment that makes agriculture difficult, if not impossible, with the exception of some types of oasis crops and small farming settlements where grains and soybeans are grown.  Most residents in this area make their living by keeping sheep, goats, and horses.

rice fields in eastern China The third region is home to more than two-thirds of China's citizens.  This part of the country is made up of the plains that support China's irrigated agriculture, as well as many of the country's lakes, rivers, and canals that have facilitated transportation and trade.  The "Red Basin" area of this region is home to many of China's rice fields.  In the southern part of this region, residents enjoy a tropical climate that allows for year-round growing of rice, sugar, bananas, and tropical fruit.

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