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The People's Republic of China (PRC) is located in eastern Asia.  It is the third largest country in the world and occupies an area of 3,705,406 square miles, including the island of Taiwan which is claimed by China.  Mainland China has a 3,588 mile coastline, from the Gulf of Tonkin adjoining Vietnam in the south to the Yalu River adjoining North Korea.  Beijing, China's capital city, is located in northeastern China.

It is bordered by Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakhstan to the north, and by North Korea, the Yellow Sea, and the East China Sea to the east.  It is bordered by the South China Sea to the southeast, by Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar to the south, by India, Bhutan, and Nepal to the southwest, and by Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan to the west.

China Map, Showing Major Cities and Administrative Divisions

map of china
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Geography of China

China has a rather varied landscape.  The eastern coastal plains, the highlands, and the fertile valleys of the rivers Huang He and Yangtze are the most highly populated areas of China.  The Tibetan plateau, which is hemmed in by the Himalayas, is in western China.  The world's highest mountain, Everest, is on the Nepal-Tibet border.  Some areas in the west are desert areas or covered by grass, while the southeast boasts some of the world's most lush forests, including the bamboo forest that the giant panda calls home.

China's Climate

The climate in China is as varied as its landscape.  While northeast China has cold winters and warm summers, the east-central region of Shanghai has more rainfall and milder winters.  A wet, subtropical climate is prevalent in the southeast, while in the west the weather is colder and harsher.

Leading Chinese Cities

The Chinese cities of Shanghai and Beijing are among the world's largest cities.  Beijing, China's cultural center, is enjoying an economic boom and is also a major transportation hub.  Located between the Pei and Hun rivers in northeast China, Beijing is made up of two walled sections:  the Inner City, including the Forbidden City, and the Outer City.  Today, Beijing is still China's educational, financial, political, and cultural center.

Shanghai, China's largest city, has embraced the market economy and has become an important commercial and design center.  Hong Kong, located on the southeast coast of China, was absorbed by the PRC in 1997.  It is a leading center of international finance and trade, and is noted for its efficient government and transport network.

China Travel Information

China and Nepal share the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, with an elevation of 29,035 feet / 8,850 meters.  China's biggest attractions include the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, which was home to the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties.  Hainan Island, off the south coast, is a popular vacation destination.

The official language of China is Mandarin Chinese, and its currency is the renminbi yuan.  For more information about visiting China, visit China's Official Gateway website.

China Tourism

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